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one stroke roses Making these little one stroke roses is a fast, fun and easy way to dress up any project.


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Start by double loading a #8 or #10 flat brush with Delta Fiesta Pink and Sunbright Yellow and make your first C stroke as in Image 1, following the direction of the arrow. All petals are made with this brush. Note: These images were brightened for better visibility on the web. In reality, the red will look like more of a pink and the yellow will be a paler yellow.


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Continue on to the second petal with another C stroke as in Image 2. This time, extend the tail of the stroke, ending on the chisel edge.


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The third petal is an S stroke but with more of a "curly-cue" beginning. Experiment on some practice paper until you're comfortable with the way it looks.


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The fourth petal is another variation of a C stroke.


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...fifth petal is more of a comma stroke.


one stroke roses

This petal is also another variation of the C stroke. Now you COULD stop right here, but if you want a fuller rose, add a few more petals.


one stroke tutorial this.


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...and this.


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The leaves were added using Delta Seminole Green on a #6 filbert. Start the stroke by pressing down to fan the bristles out some, then drag and twist so that you end up on the chisel edge of the brush. Allow to dry and apply a second coat if needed.


one stroke folkart roses


Sideload a #8 flat with Empire Gold and add a few accents at the bases of the petals. Add the Empire Gold dots using a #2 liner. Using a #8 flat or filbert, sideload with Delta Dark Forest and apply shading to the base of the leaves. Rinse and sideload the same brush with Delta Leaf Green and add some highlights at the tips of the leaves using a pivot stroke. Add the leaf veins with Dark Forest on a #2 liner. Add a few comma strokes with a #8 round and some curly-cues with a #2 liner using Seminole Green.


The same can be said for these roses as can be said about basic brush strokes - the more you practice, the better you get. Experiment with different colors, different shaped petals and different size or shape brushes. Make one rose using a #8 flat brush, then make the same rose using a #6 filbert to see the subtle differences. Remember, no two one stroke roses are exactly alike and slight variations give them personality. Most important of all, have FUN with them!


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decorative painting tutorials, tole painting tutorials, one stroke roses

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