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wooden boxes, painting surfaces
Classic Dimensions™ three-part overlay stencils. Each overlay contains different elements which, when combined, create a complete image.

Classic Dimensions™
Classic Rose
3 Part Overlay

Classic Dimensions™
Trailing Ivy
3 Part Overlay

Classic Dimensions™
Arbor Rose
3 Part Overlay

Single-part stencils

Mini Designs Stencil
4-3/4"T x 7"W

Mini Snowflakes Stencil
1/2" to 3/4" diameter

Snowflakes 8 x 10


Bugs Stencil
8" x 10"


Medium Rooster Stencil
10" x 12"


Welcome Stencil
5" x 14"


Fish X 4 Bass, Trout, Etc. Stencil
9"T x 18"W


Checkerboard & Stars Stencil
1/4", 5/16", & 1/2" Squares
1/2", 3/4" & 1-1/2" Stars


Hutch Bunnies Stencil
8-1/4"T x 6"W per bunny


Chicken Wire Stencil
8"T x 9-1/2"W


Bird Nest & Branches Stencil
7"T x 17"W


Frog & Water Lillies Stencil
9"T x 18"W


Small Lighthouse Stencil
18-1/2"T x 10"W


Flower Pots & Birdhouses Stencil
3-3/4" - 7-3/4"T (birdhouses)
4" - 5-1/2"T (flower pots)


Watering Can & Geranium Stencil
11"T x 10-1/2"W


Village Collection Stencil 1064


Birds & Nest Stencil
8" x 8" (nest)


Whimsical Dot Alphabet Stencil
4-1/2"T x 12"W


Checkerboard Medley Stencil
3/16", 3/8" & 3/4" Squares


Birdhouse Accents Stencil
4-1/2"T x 12"W

Large Checkerboard With Welcome Stencil
19-1/4"T x 6"W


Dragon & Butterflies Stencil
8"T x 18"W


Apple Borders & Accents Stencil
7-1/4"T x 17"W


Mini Thanks-A-Bunch Stencil
6"T x 4-3/4"W


Roses Stencil
7-1/4"T x 17"W


Moose & Bear Border Stencil
7"T x 16"W


Playing Cat Stencil
7"T x 7"W


Garden Rake & Hoe With Small Ivy Stencil
8" & 9"T (tools)
15" x 4-1/2" (ivy)


Baby Chicks Stencil
3"T x 12-1/4"


Large Rooster Stencil
13" x 11"


Checkers Stencil
1-1/4" Square


Pinecones & Birds Stencil
9"T x 18"W


Morning Glory Vine Stencil
5"T x 17"W


Cat With Daisy Pot Stencil
5" x 7-1/2" (cat)
10" x 7" (pot)


Large Hen Set Stencil
10" x 17"


Country Farm Stencil
8-1/2"T x 11"


Birdhouse Sampler Stencil
8-1/2"T x 11"W


Garden Angel Stencil
8-1/2"T x 11"W


Santa, Sled & Deer Stencil
8"T x 18"W


Birdhouse Row Stencil
8-1/2"T x 11"W

wooden boxes decorative painting


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