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Watercolor Pencils

  • Kimberly® Watercolor Pencils 24 superb colors of Kimberly Watercolor Pencils in one convenient package. These fine quality watercolor pencils are non-toxic and acid-free.

  • General's Multichrome® Coloring Pencils These coloring pencils are excellent for Tole and wooden projects, as well as rubber stamping and other fine art work. Archival quality and acid-free. Contains 24 artist quality thick core blendable, vibrant colors.


    Watercolor Pencil & Drawing Kits

  • Learn Watercolor Pencil Techniques™ Now Kit An ideal how-to and project kit for any experience level. Includes a 24 page full color book with pattern pages, 6 Kimberly® Watercolor Pencils, paint brush and sharpener.

  • Learn To Draw Now™ Kit An ideal how-to and project kit for anyone interested in improving or developing their drawing skills. This kit includes a graphite & charcoal pencil technique book, along with 2 General's® charcoal pencils, 3 Kimberly® graphite pencils, 1 General's® Layout/Ebony Pencil, 60 lb. drawing paper, All Art™ Eraser, Blending tortillion & sharpener.


    Metallic Pencils

  • General's® Gold & Silver Scribe-All Metallic Pencils These versatile pencils are ideal tools for writing, drawing, journal writing, craft and memory projects and much, much more. A general all surface pencil that writes on glass, plastic, photos, metal and wood. Acid-free, permanent and waterproof. Includes 1 Silver and 1 Gold Metallic Pencil and sharpener.


    Charcoal Pencils

  • General White Charcoal Pencil  Round, clear finish, white chalk-like medium. Transfer patterns onto dark colored fabric.


    Conte Pastel Pencils
  • Grey
  • White


    Pastel Chalk

    Compressed Pastel Chalk   These Compressed Pastel Chalk Sticks are handcrafted in the USA using General's® unique, smooth, blendable formula. Each package is blister carded and contains (4) chalk sticks measuring 3" x 1/4" x 1/4".

  • Earth Tone
  • Sienna

    Rembrandt® Soft Pastel Chalk per stick

  • Red Light
  • Red Deep


    Marking Pencils

  • Soapstone Marking Pencil  Durable knurled aluminum holder with built-in collet & pocket clip. Includes 1 soapstone.

  • Soapstone Marking Pencil Refill   5" long; 3/package.



  • A-1 Top Graphic Eraser  Extra soft white with plastic sleeve.

  • ES 20 Factis Eraser  Extra soft.

  • 139 BP Kneaded Eraser


    Pencil Sharpeners

  • Dual Opening Pencil Sharpener  For large marking pencils and standard size pencils and crayons.



  • Ruler Beveled C-Thru 1" x 12"

  • Ruler Beveled C-Thru 1" x 6"




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