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Judy Morgan - Apple Cheeks Publications

  • Frozen Friends  

  • Colonial Village Box  Includes 4 photos. Acrylics.

  • Blizzard Brothers  Includes 4 photos. Acrylics.
         Pine Box 11"T x 5-3/4" Square

  • Santa Tavern Board  Includes 3 photos. Acrylics.
         Pine & Plywood Plaque 25"T x 14-1/2"W

  • Wyandotte Farm Deed Box  Includes 4 photos. Acrylics.
         Trunk with Tray Plywood 8-1/2"T x 8-1/2"W x 14"L

  • Hill 'n Dale Lamp  Includes 3 photos. Acrylics.
         Pine Lamp 14"T. Includes hardware.

  • The Forecast Is Flurries  Includes 3 photos. Acrylics.
         Oval Bentwood Box 4"T x 6-1/2"W x 16"L

  • A Snowy Day In Apple Valley  Design size 18" x 13". Includes 3 photos. Acrylics.

  • Light Up The Night  Design size 8-1/2" x 17". Includes 3 photos. Acrylics.

  • Millies Chicken Ranch  Design size 17" x 11". Includes 4 photos. Acrylics.

  • Jack Sprat Powdered Sugar Can  Design size 6-1/2" x 9-1/2". Includes 2 photos. Acrylics.

  • Road To Friends House is Never Long  Design size 11" x 18". Includes 5 photos. Acrylics.

  • Santa's Toys  Includes 5 photos. Acrylics.
         Butterfly Box 3"T x 9" Square

  • Nightfall Frosties Jar Lamp  Includes 5 photos. Acrylics.
         Jar Bright Lamp Quart size
         Chunky Lampshade For quart size jar. Approximately 5"T x 5-3/4"W

  • Homestead Harbor  Includes 4 photos. Design size 10"T x 28-1/2"W. Acrylics.

  • Pennsylvania Basket  Includes 3 photos. Acrylics. Pattern adapts to:
         Super Slim Round Bentwood Box 3"T x 13" diameter

  • Farmland Chicken  Includes 3 photos. Design size 7-1/4"T x 15-1/2"W. Acrylics.

  • Colonial Note Board  Includes 2 photos. Design size 7-1/2"T x 8-1/2"W. Acrylics.

  • New England Sampler  Includes 4 photos. Acrylics.
         Frame with Double Insert Pine & Plywood 25-3/4"T x 8"W. Panels 17-1/2"T x 5-1/4" &     4"T x 5-1/4"

  • Victorian Santa Box  Includes 5 photos. Acrylics.
         18th Century Brides Box 17"L

  • Cabbage Thieves Packet  Includes 4 photos. JoSonja Acrylics. Design size 11" x 17"

  • Tree of Life Tray Packet  Includes 3 photos. JoSonja Acrylics. Main design size is 9-1/2"W x 15"L

  • Primitive Mirror Packet  Includes 2 photos. Acrylics. Pattern fits:
         Frame, Square   10"T x 10"W. Opening is 3-1/2" square.

  • Bullfrog Shoe Polish Packet  Includes 3 photos. Acrylics. Pattern fits:
         Gallon Can w/ Handle & Lid (Wooden handle not included).
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