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Diana Ackroyd

  • Yuletide Frost Packet  All levels. Acrylics.
          Small round frosted ornaments, 6/box
          Small round clear ornaments, 6/box

  • Kissing Bough Candlestick Packet  Design size 5" x 9-1/2". Beginner to Intermediate.     Acrylics.

  • Spring Morning Packet  Includes 2 photos. Intermediate level.
         Notion Box

  • Summer 'Time' Sundial  Includes color worksheet. Acrylics.

  • Summer Letter Box Packet  Design size 5-1/2" x 14". Includes color worksheet.     Intermediate level. Acrylics.
         Magnetic sheeting for Summer Letter Box

  • Solitaire Poinsettia  Includes color worksheet. Intermediate. Acrylics.
         Scalloped plate

  • Sweetheart Powder Room  Design size 6" x 8-3/4". Beginner. Acrylics.

  • Woodland Beauty  Design sizes 2-3/4",3-3/4" & 7-1/4" x 8-1/2". Intermediate. Acrylics.     Ornament & pin line drawing included.     Acrylics.
         Kreative Kanvas Oval Mat

  • Rose Of Sharon  Coaster, placemat & floorcloth. Includes 4 photos and 3 different     layouts. Intermediate. Acrylics.
         Canvas semi-circle floorcloth
         Canvas oval placemats
         Bentwood coasters

  • Sunburst Lodge Birdhouse  Includes 2 photos. Acrylics.
  • Impatiens & Vinca  Includes 2 photos & 2 different layouts. Acrylics.
         Canvas sketch book
         Pine shelf
         Puffed disk (Rosette)

  • Vegetable Soup  Includes 3 photos. Acrylics.
         4 tile innkeeper sign
         White ceramic tile

  • Winter Garden  Includes 6 designs, approximately 1-1/2" diameter. Acrylics.

  • Althea  

  • Edge of the Wood  Includes 2 photos. Acrylics.
        Round Top Trunk   4-3/4"T x 8-3/4/L.

  • Petites Fleurs Bleu  Includes 2 photos. Acrylics.
    Grecian Clock  5"T x 4"L. Base is 1-3/4"W. Painting surface is 4"T x 3"L. Clock movement sold separately.

  • Coffea Arabica  

  • Kelly's Conservatory  Includes 5 photos. Acrylics. This pattern uses the following surfaces:
        Video Cassette Cabinet   20"T x 12"L. Holds 24 video cassettes.
        CD Cabinet  36"T x 8" square. Holds 72 CDs.
        Clock Face, Grandfather  16"T x 12"W. Clock movement included.
  • diana ackroyd pattern packets

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