Disposable Paper and "Sta-Wet" Palettes

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Disposable Paper Palettes

  • Aquabee 4-in-1 Palette (Acrylic)  This palette works equally well for acrylic colors, oil paint, watercolor or casein. 50 sheets, 9" x 12" (Item # 74-1040)

  • Aquabee Zip-Away Palette  Combination pad can be used as a palette or tracing paper. Specially treated non-waxed paper. Can be used for oil or acrylic. 50 sheets, 9" x 12" (Item #74-1044)

  • Canson® Disposable/Jetable Palette  Specially treated paper, impervious to oil and acrylic, eliminates messy cleanups. 50 sheets, 9" x 12" (Item # 98-7023-05).  Also available in 12" x 16" size (Item #98-7023-06)

  • Fredrix® Disposable Palette Excellent for use with oil and alkyd paints. 50 sheets, 9" x 12" (Item #82-3601). Also available in 12" x 16" size (Item #82-3602)


    Wet Palettes

  • #912 Painter's Pal An airtight self-contained palette with storage space. Wet sponge and special acrylic film give you a "Sta-Wet" palette. Acrylic paints will stay fresh for weeks on this film. The tray holds 5 paint cups and 1 solvent cup. (Item #95-1142)


  • "Sta-Wet" Premier Palettes  An airtight storage box that keeps paints fresh for days, even weeks. Great for use with acrylics! Disposable sheets eliminate messy cleanup. Includes 1 sponge and 5 sheets of acrylic film. 7" x 8-1/2" (Item #95-1136). Also available in 12" x 16" size (Item #95-6913)
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