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Tole and Decorative Painting Videos
  • Aubuchon, Sandy: 3-in-1 Video Volume 2 Zhostovo

  • Binam, Sharon: Sideload Video

  • Cagle, Gretchen: Floral Fascination
  • Cagle, Gretchen: Rose Techniques, Leaves & Waterdrops

  • Derenzo, Patti: Basic Blending Techniques

  • Foster, Scottie: Guide To Bauernmalerei

  • Gutcher, John: Basic Color Mixing

  • Hoessinger, Enid: Introduction To Multi-loading Techniques
  • Hoessinger, Enid: Elementary: Triple Loading
  • Hoessinger, Enid: Elementary: Multi-Loading
  • Hoessinger, Enid: Elementary: Making Foliage Easy To Understand
  • Hoessinger, Enid: Elementary: More Flowers Using Multi-Loading
  • Holman, Catherine: Winter's Glory

  • Jernigan, Sue: Heartwarmers: Holiday Wood Projects

  • Lange, Delane: Delane Paints Faces
  • Lange, Delane: Santa Techniques
  • Lange, Delane: Stroke & Sponge Flowers With English Cottage
  • Leisure, Mary Jo: Petals And Peaches
  • Leisure, Mary Jo: Rose Gardens
  • Letkov, Slava / Joiner, Tricia: Zhosotovo Florals: Daisies & Pansies Volume 1
  • Letkov, Slava / Joiner, Tricia: Zhostovo Florals: Tulips &Irises Volume 2
  • Letkov, Slava / Joiner, Tricia: Zhostovo Florals: Roses Volume 3

  • Neist, Melinda: Rococo Techniques #2
  • Nelson, Sherry C.: Basics For The First-time Oil Painter

  • Puchalski, Roxanne: Harvest Time

  • Redick, Heather: Open Roses On A Recipe Box

  • Schmitz, Susan: Antique Pansy & Berries On Porcelain
  • Shaw, Jackie: Roses
  • Stallcup, Ros: Garden Box
  • Santa Techniques by Delane Lange



    Folk Art with Enid: Elementary Multi-Loading by Enid Hoessinger



    Basics for the First-Time Oil Painter by Sherry C. Nelson
    tole and decorative painting videos

    painting videotapes

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    painting videotapes

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