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Brush & Water Basins / Plastic Containers

  • Loew Cornell® Brush Tub II  New slim rectangular shaped tub has all the benefits of the round tub plus a new longer, larger cleaning area, paint-saver palette, sectioned palette and graduated brush rests. (Item #73-0384-00)

  • Brush Basin  Molded of high density polypropylene, resistant to any water, oil or lacquer based solvent. (Item #57-1037)

  • Brush Tub #383  Protects, holds and cleans brushes all in one. Brushes are easy to clean by simply stroking bristles across the ridges on the base of the tub. (Item # 73-0383-00).


    Brush Holders & Carriers

  • Brush Case Canvas with rigid sides. Has 11 compartments on each side. Item #123-8553

  • Brush Storage Page Ten compartment clear plastic brush holder. Fits standard 3 ring binder. Flap protects bristles against damage. Item #01-0702

  • Brush Roll/Stand  Washable Poly/Cotton fabric. Has a paintable surface and 14 slots of varying widths. To create a stand, fold the back half, form a circle and secure the velcro straps. Item #01-0430

  • Multi-Bin by Loew Cornell  Circular 50 hole organizing bin for all your art, craft and studio supplies. Unassembled. Item #73-0390-00

  • Canvas Brush & Pattern Tote  Includes a plastic brush page and 2 inside pockets for packets or book. Zip closure. Brushes and books not included. Color Natural with Green Trim. Item #01-0406.

  • Brush Well by Loew Cornell  Keeps brushes healthy and dust-free. Top can be used as a water well. Item #73-0381-00.

  • Paint-N-Pack  14" x 10.5 x 1.5 inches. Black trim. An exceptional organizer. Made from durable 10 ounce sanforized canvas, it has five interior pockets and one exterior pocket, an extra long shoulder strap and our 7 slot brush page. This organizer offers everything the decorative artist would need. As a bonus, a personalized design can be painted on the outside. Item #01-0705.
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