Blending and Flow Mediums

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Blending and Flow Mediums

  • Delta® Gel Blending Medium™
    A unique gel formula extends dry time of acrylic paint for easier color blending. With the gel-like consistency there's no messy dripping!
    Delta Gel Blending Medium 2 oz.  (Item #68-7011-02)

  • Delta® Color Float
    Mixes with water to make side loading and floating color easier. Excellent for fine work making color last much longer. Less brush re-loading and can be used in water all the time for easier painting.
    Delta® Color Float 2 oz. Squeeze Bottle  (Item #68-7006-02)

  • Decoart™ Control Medium
    Prevents bleeding. Mix with acrylics for an oil painted look, marbelizing, sponging or antiquing. Apply on fabric before painting to extend blending time and for wet-on-wet techniques.
    Decoart™ Control Medium 2 oz. Squeeze Bottle (Item # 161-AS11-02).

  • Decoart™ Brusn N' Blend Extender
    Increase open time by facilitating blending. Dip the corner of the brush in Extender before loading with acrylic paint. Create an easier-to-control stain by diluting acrylic paint with Extender, thus increasing drying time.
    Decoart™ Brush N' Blend Extender 2 oz. Squeeze Bottle   (Item #161-DAS1-02).

  • FolkArt™ Blending Gel
    Extends drying time for blendability. Use with FolkArt™ Acrylic Colors when painting on unsealed or sealed surfaces.
    FolkArt™ Blending Gel 2 oz. Squeeze Bottle   (Item #57-0867).

  • FolkArt™ Extender
    Use to increase open time, thin consistency, and allow true transparent effects of FolkArt™ Acrylics without color change to float, blend, shade, wash and marbelize.
    FolkArt™ Extender 2 oz. Squeeze Bottle   (Item #57-0947).
    FolkArt™ Extender 4 oz. Squeeze Bottle   (Item #57-0986).

  • JoSonja's® Flow Medium
    Levels the textural properties of the color. One part medium mixed with two parts paint produces a remarkable leveling effect. Use for all techniques requiring a smooth finish without brush marks.
    JoSonja's® Flow Medium 2 oz. Squeeze Bottle   (Item #70-3607-02).
    JoSonja's® Flow Medium 8 oz. Squeeze Bottle   (Item #70-0307-08).

  • JoSonja's® Stroke & Blending Medium
    Formulated for ease in stroke blending and floated color techniques. It will slow the drying time of paint to allow blending of paint wet-in-wet or wet-over-dry. It is heavier bodied than Retarder & Antiquing Medium and strokes will not bleed out.
    JoSonja's® Stroke & Blending Medium 2 oz. Squeeze Bottle   (Item #70-3727-02).

  • JoSonja's® Clear Glazing Medium
    A transparent acrylic glazing medium which allows the strong JoSonja® Colors to be used transparently for glazing, for creating wood stains, or for special glaze painting techniques.
    JoSonja's® Clear Glazing Medium 2 oz. Squeeze Bottle   (Item #70-3608-02).
    JoSonja's® Clear Glazing Medium 8 oz. Squeeze Bottle   (Item #70-0308-08).

  • Winsor & Newton™ Acrylic Flow Improver
    Acrylic medium for increasing flow of acrylic colors on non-absorbent surfaces. Unlike water, will give negligible loss of color strength. Use for watercolor and hard edge painting techniques.
    Winsor & Newton™ Acrylic Flow Improver 2.5 oz. Bottle   (Item #80-2923-02).

  • Winsor & Newton™ Liquin*
    A durable, non-yellowing alkyd and oil painting medium. Liquin is free flowing and speeds the drying of alkyd and oil colors. It is excellent for glazing and fine detail.
    Winsor & Newton™ Liquin 2.5 oz. Bottle   (Item #80-2991-02).
    Winsor & Newton™ Liquin 8 oz. Bottle   (Item #80-0991-08).

    *Hazardous Material (May incur additional shipping charges)

  • Winsor & Newton™ Blending & Glazing Medium
    Reduces the consistency and slows the drying time of oil and alkyd colors. Can be used like a 1-2-4 medium for blending, glazing, strokework, antiquing and staining.
    Winsor & Newton™ Blending & Glazing Medium 2.5 oz. Bottle   (Item #80-2969-02).

  • Norwegian Painting Medium
    A combination of varnish, thinner, and linseed oil. Mix into oil colors with palette knife. Gives better control of oil colors than turpentine, paint thinner, etc.
    Norwegian Painting Medium 4 oz. Bottle   (Item #215-2019-04).

  • JoSonja's® Magic Mix
    A substitute for water. Use in your brush to thin paint for line work and fine detail, layering of glazes with side loaded color to create depth that mixing colors together cannot achieve, color glazing to carry transparent color throughout the design, and for color tinting.
    JoSonja's® Magic Mix 2 oz. Bottle   (Item #70-3771-02).
    JoSonja's® Magic Mix 8 oz. Bottle   (Item #70-3770-08).

  • Decoart Canvas Gel
    Mixed with acrylics, Decoart Canvas Gel enables layering of paint on canvas and extends open time, creating the look of oil painting. Cleans up with soap and water. Non-toxic.
    Decoart Canvas Gel 2 oz. Bottle   (Item #161-ODS5-02).
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