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Here's a sampling of some of the email we've received at Tole Expressions.

  • "I just wanted to tell you that you have a wonderful site and should be very proud of it. From all of the sites I have visited, and that has been hundreds, I have gained the most knowledge and have access to the most information that I have seen on a site. Your site is EASILY navigated, plainly marked and just great looking on top of it. No wonder it is a labor of love! Congratulations on a job fantastically done. Most web sites dont impress me, I am a electronics engineer and am around them all the time. But yours was very nicely put together." - Patty - PaintedSmiles

  • "I've visited quite few sites about decorative painting, but yours is really too much.....this is the most beautiful and useful that there is. When you say that you made this site with love I really believe you....this is what I sensed when I went to all of these pages. With a million strokes, I tell you millions of THANK YOU" - Jacynthe, Quebec.

  • "Just wanted to tell you that this, in my humble opinion, is one of, if not the best, most informative sites on the web for tole and dec painter/artists. Thank you so much for this wonderful place. Have no idea who to give credit to, but maybe just maybe this will get to the right person.:-) Someone needs a credit line on this marvelous place. Thank you again." - Jan, Alabama

  • "I really enjoy your site and have recommended you to several of my friends. Have had recent cataract surgery, so don't have brush in hand yet, but will in the near future. Your inspirational sayings helped me "get my act together" about painting again, and I've really enjoyed your monthly hints in your e-mail newsletter. Keep up the good work." - Marianne, Indiana

  • "Gosshh, I enjoyed so much this web page that I know I will come again, 2 hours were not enough :)) My congratulations and best wishes, love you :)" - Jivie

  • "This is the best site I've found for information that is clear, concise, and easy to understand. I love everything about it, including the background color (or is it called wallpaper). I'm kind of new to all this computer stuff. Thanks a million for making all this information available." - Pat, Vancouver Island, Canada

  • "Caught a reference to your site on a message board. This is great...all the current color conversions at my fingertips, and shading help. Thank You. Please sign me up for your newsletter." - Claudia

  • "What a great site. Very attractive, well laid out. Loved everything about it, especially the brush stroke tutorials, tips, colour conversions, free patterns (helped myself to two of them, thanks so much)." - Fay

  • "Thank you for such a wonderful source for products. I live in a small country town & to get the supplies I need I have to drive 2 hours one way or mail order. I have been mail ordering from three different companies..Now I feel I can order from you and save precious time. I really appreciate the arrangement of your web site...very easy to find what I needed. Permelba is so hard to find. I use that mostly when I can find it. Now I can use it all the time. AGAIN..thank you, thank you!!!!" - Linda

  • "Just found your site. It's wonderful, I am just getting into tole painting and I find it very exciting. Glad I found your site." - Arlene

  • "Loved this web site, will use for all my future painting needs. Great prices, much cheaper than other sites I have used." - Judy

  • "What a wonderful site you have. The information is so helpfull to beginner or pro. I have gained so much info from you. Thank you so much for having such a wonderful web page and please keep up the good work." - Denyse

  • "What a lovely web site! I especially like the tutorial on brush strokes, and would love to see more!" - Marianne (coming soon, Marianne, I promise!)

  • "I was so happy to have found your wonderful web site. Not only did I down-load a few projects, I passed on your address to another tole painter friend of mine. Looking forward to more beautiful projects." - Danielle

  • "I just want to let you know that I have enjoyed your page very much. I have learned so much in the last 3 hours. I love to paint! Thank you." - Maria

  • "Hello there, I just took a tour of your site and found it to be very informative. I just started painting and your site is the best I've found yet. Keep up the good work, and I'll be back." - Connie

  • "I live in a small town in Canada where we do not carry all the paint brands. Finding this site was like hitting a gold mine. Thank you for making this accessible." - Nadia

  • "Thank you for putting the paint conversion charts right on your site - I had looked everywhere for them to no avail! Your site is exhaustive and fabulous! Good work!" - Pam

  • "I am very interested in learning to tole paint and found your site thru a search engine. It is a great site for beginners. I especially like the tutorial and glossary sections. These are very helpful to a beginner like myself....most sites seem to think that all tole painters are experienced or that they have tons of money to spend on books before they even can get started!!! Thanks so much for creating this site!" - Donna

  • "Good Afternoon, my compliments to your web designer - your site is of high integrity and very beautiful. The links you have provided are both intuitive and powerful. The patterns are of excellent quality, and the best variety I have found in my on-line search for my class. I will recommend this site to my friends." - Karen

  • "Thank you so much. I appreciate quality and art. Finding them both in the same place makes me a happy, happy woman." - Jean

  • "I know there is a lot of work involved in making these free patterns available to us and I just want to not only thank you but to say Wow!!!!! These have to be the best that I've ever seen yet, so thank you and I hope I do these artists justice." - Sheila

  • "We really have enjoyed your site and there is no doubt that in the very near future we will become well known as ordering customers - you have done a fine and classy job on your site and it's user friendly - congrats." - Kelli

  • "Your site is incredible. I found it by chance through the Copernic search program and am thrilled with it! Very informative. Thanks for putting this site out there for us!" - Nicole

  • "I just "stumbled" on to your website when I was surfing for sites related to tole painting and decorative painting. I am a "newbie" to tole painting and absolutely love it. So, I was thrilled when I found your site! It has it all! I especially like the color conversions and shading/highlighting chart. Your site is well thought out, informative and tastefully designed. I have bookmarked this site as one of my favourites." - Denise, Nova Scotia, Canada

  • "I Really enjoyed the inspirational section very much - Didn't realize there was such information!" - Kathleen

  • "This is the most complete and educational site I've seen yet on the net. Thanks for the education as I am a new comer to folk art." - Joanne

  • "I accidentally happened upon your site and was very moved. The eulogy to Danny made anyone that read it feel that they could have known him. I am so sorry for your loss. It was an excellent eulogy and I'll bet it helped everyone deal with Danny's loss just a little bit better. I just can't find the right words. How tragic. It makes me think of how I need to be more observant with people....try to watch for signs of how they really feel, if they need help. Not to say that you didn't see this.....how can any of us see this if our loved ones have the determination to keep it from us? To keep something to yourself like that, to try to protect us from their pain, is so unselfish. I don't know.....I must go think about this as it is very fresh in my mind. I am so sorry, and sorry about your sister as well. I hope many get to see your site as it is a wakeup call. I loved looking at your pictures....mom, dad, kids. siblings.....your site is personal and wonderful....thank you."   - Carol from New Hampshire

  • "Your web site is fantastic, the best I have found yet. The choice of supplies, tutorials and free patterns are just great. I know I will be buying from you from now on. Thanks for all the information I found on your site that will help me so much with my paint classes." - Cathy


    Awwww...shucks  [kicking dirt with toe of tennis shoe]
    Thanks , you guys!

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