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Newsletter September 2000

Hi Folks,

Welcome to the first issue of the Tole Expressions announcement list. Thank you all for your support, encouragement and patience. We hope you're enjoying the swing from summer into fall and have all your painting projects lined up til Christmas!

This newsletter is primarily intended to inform you of updates to the site but we'd also like to include information and articles that will be helpful to you as a decorative painter, so if you have suggestions on topics or techniques you'd like covered, please email us. Please put "Newsletter Article suggestion" in the subject line. If your recommendation is used, full credit will be given, including your website address if you have one.



Do you sometimes have trouble determining the proper value changes in your painting? Do you own a scanner and a graphics program? Here's a "new millenium" version of the old red acetate trick.

Scan a picture of your painting, open it in your graphics program and change it to a greyscale image. Does your painting look 3 dimensional or does it look "flat"? By viewing your painting in greyscale, without the distraction of color, it's much easier to see where you need more (or less) value change.


If you have a Tip of the Month you'd like to share, please email us. If your tip is used, full credit is given, including a link to your website if you have one.



Do you have trouble determining the colors for your palette? We found a great resource for doing just that:

Palette Master

When you get to the home page, in the menu bar on the left, click on "Must See" and then "Palette Master"

This tool was actually created for web designers but works great for painters too. Just select a base color and, at the click of a button, instantly generate a 42 color palette that is perfectly complimentary to your base color.

(Note: You must use either MSIE 4.01 or Netscape Communicator 4.5, or later versions, and you must have javascript enabled in your browser in order for the Palette Master to work properly).


If you have or have found a website you feel would be useful for decorative painters, please email us. If your recommendation is used, full credit will be given, including your website address if you have one.



If you haven't yet had a look at the new fall free pattern, "Good Evening, Mr. Scarecrow," you can check it out at:

(Note: If you've been to this page before, or any of the others listed in this newsletter, you may have to hit "refresh" or "reload" on your browser to view the updated content.) ----


We have a new pattern packet up for all you dragonfly lovers:



If you haven't seen our new paint storage systems, designed and built by Bruce's Woodworks, you absolutely must see these. Whether you use acrylic bottled paint or artist gouache/oil tubes, these cabinets are the perfect solution to your paint clutter problems.

They're easily customizable, wall-mountable, available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, very affordable, and handmade with quality American Hardwood. You can also order optional (and PAINTABLE!) doors! I can honestly say I don't know how I ever lived without them! Please do check them out at:



We've added several new books we felt were worthy of our collection:

Painting Pets On Rocks by Lin Wellford
This is the long awaited sequel to Lin's other four VERY popular rock painting books and includes instructions for tropical fish, parrots, guinea pigs, and various cats and dogs, including tips on how to paint your own pet on a rock:


Watercolor Basics: Drawing and Painting Birds by Shirley Porter.
If you love to work in watercolor and are a wildlife enthusiast (like me) then this is definitely the book for you!


Quick & Easy Decorative Painting by Peggy Jessee
I haven't personally had a chance to browse through this book myself, but it looks to be a great book for "quickie" projects.


Strokework Flowers by Margot Clark
This one I DO have and I love it! Margot's technique using her own special "multi-load" brush is new and unique with very pretty results. Lots of great patterns here, including poppies, pansies, iris, tulips, roses, geraniums, morning glories and mums.


Painting Flowers A to Z by Sherry C. Nelson, MDA
If you're a fan of Sherry's ('Painting Garden Birds with Sherry C. Nelson') and you like floral painting, you'll love this book, which includes step-by-step instructions for painting 50 different flowers.


Gourd Fun for Everyone by Sammie Crawford
This is a new book on the market for August, so if you enjoy painting on gourds, be sure to check it out:


Unil next time, Happy Painting!

Joni Gates


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