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Newsletter November 2000

November 2000

Hi Everybody,

Halloween has come and gone and the busiest painting season is now upon us. Time to get your brushes busy, get your creativity in gear and get out that "gift list" you've been adding to all year. Only 53 days left until Christmas! (Is it me, or wasn't it just JUNE???)


To save money on palette paper, use a dry marker board, a piece of smooth counter top or a smooth glass cutting board as a palette. When finished painting, let the paint dry and scrape with a razor blade. (Thanks to Renate' Capalby, Kingman, AZ)

Other cost effective palettes: Styrofoam meat trays you get in the supermarket and, if you work at a job where you print a lot of address labels, save the shiny backing paper they come on and use them for paper palettes.


If you have a Tip of the Month you'd like to share, please email us.   If your tip is used, full credit is given, including a link to your website if you have one.



The subject of this month's newsletter is creativity. Tera's Wish, by author/artist Tera Leigh, is a wonderful site packed full of inspiring information about creativity. This site has many interesting articles on creativity, journaling techniques, and a section called "The Workshop," which includes a variety of exercises, challenges, topics and ideas to get your creative juices flowing. They also have a monthly newsletter and offer creativity seminars. This is one to bookmark, folks!


If you own or have found a website you feel would be useful for decorative painters, please email us.  If your recommendation is used, full credit will be given, including your website address if you have one.



Creating Original Art - Part I
We have a new article in the "Inspirations" section of the site: "Creating Original Art - Part I."

This article was written for the artist who has the skills and techniques of decorative painting down pat, but runs into trouble when beginning to design original artwork. Put your camera to work to spark your creativity and you'll be on your way to creating your own masterpieces and designing your own packets in no time.



Pattern Packet Design Challenge
Put your creativity to work for a chance to win first or second prize in our Pattern Packet Design Challenge! First place prize is a $75 gift certificate which can be redeemed on ANYTHING in the Supplies section of Tole Expressions!

But HURRY! -- The contest ends January 7, 2001!



We'd like to welcome two new designers to Tole Expressions:

Sheryl Thompson of Katahdin Valley Farm Designs. Sheryl's work captures the spirit of New England beautifully. Her current packets include:

  • "Fly Like an Eagle," a beautiful nature scene painted on an antique saw blade.
  • "Ole Thompson Place," a farm scene painted on a bucksaw blade.
  • "Loon Lake Duet," a pair of peaceful loons in a river scene painted on a circular saw blade.
  • "Here Chickie Chickie," assorted laying hens painted on an ironing board.
  • "Uncle Sam," a great rendition suitable for year-round or 4th of July decoration, painted on an ironing board.
  • "Chuckie the Cat," a whimsical welcome sign painted on slate.

    Lorraine Ulen of Packet Inn in Clearwater, Florida. The bright, sunny palette is what caught my eye on Lorraine's packet. Watch for more of Lorraine's packets soon!

  • "Sunflower Tote Bag," bright yellow sunflowers and a pretty red birdhouse painted on a canvas tote bag.

    See them all at:



    If you're a pattern packet designer and would like to market your designs through Tole Expressions, please email us for our submission guidelines.



    We've been getting a lot of requests for Christmas patterns already, so this month we've added a new free pattern for a Frosted Poinsettia Christmas Ornament. Hope you have fun with it!

    (Note: If you've been to this page before, or any of the others listed in this newsletter, you may have to hit "refresh" or "reload" on your browser to view the updated content.)



    We've added several new pages in our books section:

    Painting Your Own Greeting Cards and Giftwrap



    More Wildlife Painting: Techniques of Modern Masters by Susan Rayfield
    From antelopes to zebras, ten gifted wildlife artists reveal their carefully developed techniques for achieving remarkably realistic animal art. Emphasizing all-important details of rendering wildlife, the book devotes separate sections to animals' eyes, whiskers, beaks, fur, and so on. Sketches, studies, and reference photos used by master painters show just how their bird and animal portraits evolved into magnificent finished works in watercolor, gouache, oil, pastel, or other media.

    Decorative Furniture by Donna Dewberry.
    This book is a new release, published October 2000, so if you're a One-Stroke enthusiast, be sure to check this one out!

    Tole-Painted Outdoor Projects by Areta Bingham.
    This is also a new release, published August 2000. Painted tables, vases, stepping stones and many other projects including a violet and ivy table, a layered-flowers chair, an urn fountain, a planter with hibsicus and a birdhouse decorated with hydrangea. Color worksheets and detailed patterns. 19 terrific ideas in all!


    Until next time, have a Happy Thanksgiving
    and Happy Painting!



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