Paint Color Conversions - Jo Sonja to Delta Ceramcoat

asterisk indicates small amount of paint.
1:1 indicates mix equal parts.

Jo Sonja Delta Ceramcoat
Amethyst Lilac Dusk
Antique Green Salem Green
Aqua Laguna Blue
Yellow Deep Yellow
Brilliant Green Jubilee Green
Brilliant Magenta Magenta
Brilliant Violet Purple
Brown Earth Brown Iron Oxide
Brown Madder Rouge
Burgundy Burgundy Rose
Burnt Sienna Candy Bar Brown
Burnt Umber Dark Burnt Umber
Cadmium Orange Tangerine
Cadmium Scarlet Poppy Orange
Cadmium Yellow Light Luscious Lemon
Cadmium Yellow Mid. Opaque Yellow
Carbon Black Black
Celadon Heritage Green
Cobalt Blue Phthalo Blue
Colony Blue Avalon Blue
Dioxazine Purple Purple
Fawn Bambi Brown
French Blue Nightfall Blue
Gold Oxide Mocha Brown + Red Iron Oxide (1:1)
Green Oxide Chrome Green Lt.
Hooker's Green Pine Green
Indian Red Oxide Sonoma Wine
Indian Yellow *Yellow + Empire Gold
Jade Leprechaun
Jaune Brilliant Island Coral + Pumpkin (2:1)
Moss Green Lt. Timberline Green + *Apple Green
Naples Yellow Old Parchment
Naphtol Crimson Tompte Red
Napthol Red Light Napthol Crimson
Nimbus Grey Quaker Grey
Norwegian Orange Adobe Red
Olive Green Dark Forest Green
Opal Opal
Pacific Blue Blue Lagoon
Payne's Grey Payne's Grey
Perm. Alizarine Black Cherry
Perm. Green Lt. Lime Green
Perm. Purple Madder Sweetheart Blush + Candy Bar Brown (3:1)
Pine Green Dark Forest Green
Plum Pink Dusty Mauve
Provincial Beige Territorial Beige
Prussian Blue Hue Blueberry
Phthalo Blue Opaque Blue
Phthalo Green Phthalo Green
Red Violet Fuchsia
Raw Sienna Golden Brown
Raw Umber Dark Chocolate
Red Earth Red Iron Oxide
Rose Pink Deep Coral
Sap Green Leaf Green
Sapphire Liberty Blue
Skin Tone Base A. C. Flesh
Smoked Pearl Sandstone
Storm Blue Dark Night Blue
Teal Green Dark Foliage Green
Titanium White White
Transparent Magenta Sweetheart Blush
Turner's Yellow Empire Gold
Ultra Blue Deep Opaque Blue
Ultramarine Blue Phthalo Blue
Unbleached Titanium Putty
Vermillion Poppy Orange
Warm White Light Ivory
Yellow Light Bright Yellow
Yellow Oxide Antique Gold

Jo Sonja
Basecoat Colors
Delta Ceramcoat
Azure Purple Dusk Blue
Blossom Pink Angel
Cashmere Dresden Flesh
Charcoal Dark Chocolate
Damask Rose Rose Mist
Deep Plum Sonoma Wine
Dolphin Blue Fjord Blue
Dove Grey Cadet Grey
Forest Green Black Green
Galaxy Blue Dark Night Blue
Holiday Green Green Isle + Phthalo Green (2:1)
Holiday Red Napthol Crimson + Orange (1:1)
Lavender Napa Wine
Light Teal Blue Spruce + Colonial Blue (3:1)
Oak Moss Quaker Grey + Lichen Grey (1:1)
Olive Green Avocado
Primrose Old Parchment
Rosehip Cayenne
Sky Blue Tide Pool Blue
Soft White Light Ivory
Spice Red Iron Oxide
Vellum Flesh Tan + Lichen Grey (1:1)
Victorian Green Woodland Night Green
Victorian Red Tompte Red

*Per manufacturer (Delta Ceramcoat) recommendations.




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