Paint Color Conversions -
Plaid Folkart to Delta Ceramcoat

asterisk indicates small amount of paint.
1:1 indicates mix equal parts.

Folkart Delta Ceramcoat
Acorn Brown Toffee + Mocha Brown
Almond Parfait Dunes Beige
Amish Blue Dolphin Grey
Apple Spice Sonoma Wine + Tomato Spice
Apricot Cream Medium Flesh
Aqua Bright Turquoise
Autumn Leaves Orange + *Burnt Sienna
Baby Blue Periwinkle Blue + Chambray (1:1)
Bachelor Button Blue Avalon Blue
Ballet Pink Pink Quartz + White (2:1)
Barn Wood Lichen Grey
Barnyard Red Burgundy Rose
Bavarian Blue Avalon Blue + *Black
Bayberry Village Green
Berries 'n Cream Bouquet Pink
Berry Wine Mendocino + Sonoma Wine (1:1)
Blackberry Midnight Blue + Vintage Wine
Blue Gray Dust Bridgeport
Blue Ink Blue Storm + *Purple
Blue Ribbon Copen Blue
Blue Satin Ivory + Blue Haze
Bluebell Bonnie Blue
Blueberry Pie Avalon Blue + Heritage Green
Bluebonnet Avalon Blue + Heritage Green
Bluegrass Rainforest Green
Bright Pink Opaque Red + Orange + White (2:1:1)
Brown Sugar Autumn Brown + White
Brownie Candy Bar Brown + *Black
Burgundy Maroon
Butter Pecan Trail Tan
Buttercream Pale Yellow + White
Buttercrunch Maple Sugar Tan
Buttercup Butter Yellow
Calico Red Napthol Red Light
Calypso Phthalo Green
Camel Cloudberry Tan
Cameo Coral Orange + White
Cappuccino Spice Tan + Maple Sugar Tan (1:1)
Caramel Raw Sienna + Walnut (10:1)
Celadon Green White + Stonewedge Green
Charcoal Grey Charcoal
Cherokee Rose Antique Rose
Cherry Royal Maroon
Chocolate Cherry Sonoma Wine
Chocolate Fudge Burnt Umber
Chocolate Parfait Toffee Brown + White
Christmas Red Fire Red
Cinnamon Cayenne
Clay Bisque Sandstone
Clover Seminole Green
Coastal Blue Manganese Blue + White
Coffee Bean Brown Velvet
Coral Reef Fiesta Pink
Cotton Candy Pink Frosting + White
Country Twill Trail Tan
Crimson Temple Red
Dapple Gray Hammered Iron
Dark Plum [Norsk Blue + Dusty Purple (3:1)] + *White
Delicate Rose Dresden Flesh
Denim Blue Nightfall Blue
Dove Gray Bridgeport + White
Dusty Coral Rouge
Dusty Plum Lavender + Hippo Grey (2:1/2)
Dutch Blue Norsk Blue
Earthenware Burnt Sienna
Engine Red Bright Red
English Mustard Golden Brown
Evergreen Kelly Green
French Vanilla Flesh Tan + White (1:1)
Fresh Foliage Leaf Green
Frosted Berry Adriatic Blue
Georgia Peach Putty
Gingersnap Adobe Red
Glazed Carrots Pumpkin
Grape Juice Vintage Wine + *Black
Gray Flannel Cadet Grey
Gray Green Soft Grey + Hammered Iron (2:1)
Gray Mist White + *Lichen Grey
Green Forest Black Green
Green Meadow Dark Jungle Green
Green Olive Seminole Green + Avocado
Harvest Gold Antique Gold
Hauser Dark Green Dark Foliage Green
Hauser Light Green Light Foliage Green
Hauser Medium Green Medium Foliage Green
Heartland Blue Nightfall Blue
Heather GP Purple + *Vintage Wine
Holiday Red Dusty Mauve, *Mendocino Red + White
Honeycomb Cloudberry Tan + Toffee Brown
Huckleberry Candy Bar Brown
Icy White Blue Mist
Indigo Dark Night Blue + Avalon Blue
Italian Sage Stonewedge Green + Hippo Grey
Ivory White Magnolia White
Lavender Sachet Lavender Lace
Leaf Green Christmas Green + White (1:1)
Lemon Custard Bright Yellow
Lemonade Pale Yellow
Licorice Black
Light Fuchsia [Fuchsia + Lilac Dusk (2:2)] + *White
Light Gray White + Cadet Grey
Lime Light Lima Green + Empire Gold (2:1)
Lime Yellow Lima Green + Sandstone
Lipstick Napthol Red Light
Maple Sugar Dark Brown
Medium Gray Rain Grey + Dark Burnt Umber
Midnight Phthalo Blue + Maroon
Milkshake Wild Rice
Mint Green Cactus + White (2:1)
Molasses Burnt Sienna + Brown Iron Oxide
Mushroom Sandstone + Burnt Umber (2:1)
Mystic Green Alpine Green + Forest Green
Navy Blue Blue Velvet + *White
Night Sky Purple + Navy Blue (2:1)
Nutmeg Spice Brown
Old Ivy Forest Green
Olive Green [Gamal + Avocado (5:1)] + *White
Orange Light Tangerine + White (2:1)
Oxford Blue Norsk Blue + *Black
Paisley Blue Liberty Blue
Paprika Red Iron Oxide + Burgundy Rose
Parchment Dresden Flesh + White (1:1)
Parrot Green Deep River Green
Pastel Green Ocean Mist Blue + Spring Green (2:1)
Patchwork Green Seminole Green
Patina Turquoise
Peach Cobbler Island Coral
Peach Perfection Rosetta Pink
Pecan Pie Burnt Sienna
Persimmon Georgia Clay + White
Plantation Green Salem Green
Platinum Gray Lichen Grey + Sandstone
Plum Chiffon Dusty Purple
Plum Pudding Grape + White
Poetry Green Green Sea
Poppy Seed Hippo Grey
Porcelain Blue Tide Pool
Porcelain White Sandstone + *Stonewedge Green
Potpourri Rose Bouquet Pink
Prairie Blue Bonnie Blue
Primrose Nectar Coral + *Mendocino Red
Promenade Coral
Pumpkin Pie Terra Cotta
Pure Gold 14K Gold
Purple Lilac Lavender + *White
Raspberry Sherbet Dusty Mauve
Raspberry Wine Mendocino Red
Red Clay Burgundy Rose
Ripe Avocado Avocado
Robin's Egg Oasis Green
Rose Blush Indiana Rose
Rose Chiffon Bouquet Pink + Dusty Mauve
Rose Garden Napa Wine + Dusty Mauve
Rose White White + *Gypsy Rose
Rusty Nail Sonoma Wine
Sachet Rose Normandy Rose
Salmon Fiesta Pink
School Bus Yellow Yellow
Seafoam Green Blue Spruce + Avalon Blue
Settler's Blue Cape Cod
Shamrock Christmas Green + Woodland Night Green
Skintone Medium Flesh
Sky Blue Salem Blue + Blue Haze (2:1)
Slate Blue Adriatic Blue
Southern Pine Gamal Green
Spanish Tile Adobe Red
Spice Pink Antique Rose + Brown Iron Oxide
Spring Green Dark Jungle Green + White (1:1)
Spring Rose Sachet Pink + White
Spring White White + *Pale Mint Green
Sterling Blue Liberty Blue
Strawberry Parfait Nectar Coral + Mendocino Red
Summer Sky Blue Mist
Sunflower Straw + White (2:1)
Sunny Yellow Bright Yellow
Sunset Orange Georgia Clay
Sweetheart Pink Nectar Coral
Taffeta Blue White + Dolphin Grey
Taffy Ivory
Tapioca Antique White
Tartan Green Woodland Night Green
Teal Blue Blue Mist
Teal Green Blue Spruce + White
Teddy Bear Brown Brown Iron Oxide + Lt. Chocolate (2:1)
Terra Cotta Terra Cotta + Santa Fe Rose (1:1)
Thicket Dark Jungle Green
Thunder Blue Navy Blue + Black
Township Blue Avalon Blue + Black
Turquoise Turquoise
Ultramarine Blue Ultra Blue
Vacation Blue Avalon Blue
Vanilla Cream Sandstone
Victorian Rose Indiana Rose + White
Vintage Wine Vintage Wine
Violet Pansy Eggplant + Light Ivory (5:1)
Warm White Light Ivory + White (2:1)
Whipped Berry Dolphin Grey
Whicker White White
Wild Rose Sonoma Wine
Wintergreen Phthalo Green
Winter White White + *Blue Jay
Wrought Iron Black Green

*Per manufacturer (Delta Ceramcoat) recommendations.




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