Shading/Highlighting Chart - Delta Ceramcoat

asterisk indicates small amount of paint.
1:1 indicates mix equal parts.

Color Highlighting Shading
AC Flesh
Antique White
Trail Tan
Adobe Red Coral Red Iron Oxide
Adriatic Blue Dolphin Grey Black
Alpine Green Cactus Green Deep River Green
Antique Gold Ivory Raw Sienna
Antique Rose Pink Frosting Burgundy Rose
Antique White White Ivory
Apple Green Pineapple Yellow Seminole Green
Aquamarine Caribbean Blue Prussian Blue
Autumn Brown Light Chocolate Brown Iron Oxide
Avalon Blue Salem Blue Prussian Blue
Avocado Antique Gold Gamal Green
Azure Blue Blue Danube Manganese Blue
Bahama Purple Violet Ice Purple Dusk
Bahama Purple White + Bahama Purple Purple Dusk
Bambi Brown Dunes Beige Brown Velvet/
Brown Iron Oxide
Barn Red Deep Coral Sonoma Wine
Berry Red Hydrangea Pink Black Cherry
Bittersweet Orange Yellow Burnt Sienna/Terra Cotta
Black Cherry Berry Red Candy Bar Brown
Black Green Blue Haze None
Blue Danube Blue Mist Copen Blue
Blue Haze Blue Wisp Norsk Blue
Blue Heaven Blue Mist Copen Blue
Blue Jay Blue Mist Manganese Blue
Blue Lagoon Periwinkle Blue Phthalo Blue
Blue Mist White Blue Danube
Blue Spruce Rain Forest Green Black Green
Blue Storm Williamsburg Blue Black
Blue Velvet Cadet Blue Black
Blue Wisp White + Blue Wisp Blue Haze
Blueberry Glacier Blue Payne's Grey
Blueberry White + Blueberry Black
Bonnie Blue Blue Mist Midnight Blue
Boston Fern Antique Gold Gamal Green
Bouquet Pink Rose Cloud Sonoma Wine
Bridgeport Grey Drizzle Grey Charcoal
Bright Red Tangerine Black Cherry
Bright Yellow Pale Yellow Empire Gold
Brown Iron Oxide Toffee Walnut
Brown Velvet Toffee Walnut
Burgundy Rose Antique Rose Chocolate Cherry
Burgundy Rose Antique Rose Midnight Blue
Burnt Sienna Georgia Clay Brown Iron Oxide/
Candy Bar Brown
Burnt Umber Light Chocolate Black
Butter Cream White Sandstone
Butter Yellow Ivory Pigskin/Golden Brown
Butter Yellow Mello Yellow Pigskin/Golden Brown
Cactus Green Pale Mint Green Salem Green
Cadet Blue Tide Pool Blue Blue Velvet
Cadet Grey Soft Grey Hippo Grey
Calypso Orange Butter Cream Dark Goldenrod
Candy Bar Brown Gypsy Rose Black
Cape Cod Blue Lavender Lace Nightfall Blue
Cardinal Red Tangerine Black Cherry
Caribbean Blue White + Caribbean Blue Laguna Blue
Caucasian Flesh Fleshtone Bittersweet Orange/
Red Iron Oxide
Cayenne Fleshtone Brown Iron Oxide
Chambray Blue White Cape Cod Blue
Charcoal Bridgeport Grey Black
Chocolate Cherry Napa Wine Black + Chocolate Cherry
Christmas Green Kelly Green Hunter Green
Chrome Green Light Green Sea Dark Forest Green
Cinnamon Santa Fe Rose Dark Burnt Umber
Cloudberry Olive Yellow Boston Fern
Colonial Blue Caribbean Blue Avalon Blue
Copen Blue Blue Danube Opaque Blue
Cornsilk Yellow White Mello Yellow
Crimson Hydrangea Pink Mendocino Red
Crocus Yellow Ivory Antique Gold
Custard Cornsilk Yellow Butter Yellow
Custard White Butter Yellow
Dark Brown Toffee Brown Dark Chocolate
Dark Burnt Umber Brown Iron Oxide Black
Dark Chocolate Territorial Beige Black
Dark Flesh Rosetta Pink Sonoma Wine
Dark Forest Green Seminole Green Black Green
Dark Goldenrod Calypso Orange Autumn Brown
Dark Jungle Green Leaf Green Gamal Green
Dark Night Blue Dolphin Grey Black
Deep Coral Hydrangea Pink Burgundy Rose
Deep River Green Cactus Green Black Green
Denim Blue Blue Mist Navy Blue
Desert Sun Orange Rosetta Pink Burnt Sienna
Dark Foliage Green Medium Foliage Green Black Green
Dolphin Grey Soft Grey Adriatic Blue
Dresden Flesh Putty Bambi Brown
Drizzle Grey Soft Grey Bridgeport Grey
Dunes Beige Santa's Flesh Dark Flesh
Dusty Mauve Rose Cloud Sonoma Wine
Dusty Plum Taupe Napa Wine
Dusty Purple Dusty Plum Vintage Wine + *Black
Dusty Purple Dusty Plum Royal Plum
Eggplant Wisteria Eggplant + *Black
Eggshell White None Raw Linen
Emerald Green Tropic Bay Blue Phthalo Green
Empire Gold Crocus Yellow Raw Sienna/Mocha Brown
English Yew Green Stonewedge Green Black Green
Fiesta Pink Nectar Coral Rouge
Fire Red Pumpkin Mendocino Red
Fjord Blue Tide Pool Blue Black
Flesh Tan Light Ivory Spice Tan
Fleshtone Santa's Flesh Desert Sun Orange
Forest Green Leprechaun Dark Forest Green
Fruit Punch Fruit Punch + White (1:1) Moroccan Red
Fuchsia Hydrangea Pink Mendocino Red
Gamal Green Seminole Green Black Green
Georgia Clay Bittersweet Orange Red Iron Oxide
Glacier Blue Glacier Blue +
Magnolia White(1:1)
Chambray Blue
Golden Brown Straw Raw Sienna
GP Purple Ice Storm Violet Purple
Grape Lilac Dusk Vintage Wine
Green Isle Kelly Green Hunter Green
Green Sea Village Green Chrome Green Light
Gypsy Rose Pink Frosting Burgundy Rose
Hammered Iron Lichen Grey Black Green
Heritage Blue Tide Pool Blue Charcoal
Heritage Green Cactus Green Mallard Green
Hippo Grey Cadet Grey Charcoal
Hunter Green Light Jade Green Black Green
Hydrangea Pink Pink Frosting Fuchsia/Berry Red
Ice Storm Violet White Lavender
Indiana Rose Pink Frosting Antique Rose/Gypsy Rose
Island Coral Putty Desert Sun Orange
Ivory Light Ivory Old Parchment
Jade Green White + Jade Green (1:1) Phthalo Green
Jubilee Green Apple Green Christmas Green
Kelly Green Apple Green Christmas Green
Laguna Blue Tropic Bay Blue Phthalo Green
Lavender Ice Storm Violet Vintage Wine
Lavender Lace Ice Storm Violet Heritage Blue
Leaf Green Apple Green Seminole Green
Leprechaun Village Green Christmas Green
Liberty Blue Lavender Lace Nightfall Blue
Lichen Grey Sandstone Hammered Iron
Light Chocolate AC Flesh Brown Velvet/
Brown Iron Oxide
Light Ivory White Ivory
Light Jade Green Pale Mint Green Emerald Green
Light Sage White Cactus Green
Light Timberline Green Butter Cream Timberline Green
Lilac Ice Storm Violet Wisteria
Lilac Dusk Rose Petal Pink Grape
Lima Green Pineapple Yellow Leaf Green
Lime Green Pale Mint Green +
Lime Green (1:1)
Jubilee Green
Lisa Pink Pink Frosting Mendocino Red
Light Foliage Green Apple Green Medium Foliage Green
Luscious Lemon Pale Yellow Yellow
Magenta Lilac Dusk Grape
Magnolia White None Fleshtone Base
Mallard Green Laguna Blue Mallard Green + *Black
Manganese Blue Wedgwood Blue Blue Velvet
Manganese Blue Wedgwood Blue Manganese Blue
+ Black (3:1)
Maple Sugar Tan Ivory Raw Sienna
Maroon Adobe Red Candy Bar Brown
Medium Foliage Green Light Foliage Green Dark Foliage Green
Medium Flesh Santa's Flesh Cayenne
Mello Yellow Cornsilk Yellow Antique Gold +
Mellow Yellow (1:1)
Mendocino Red Pink Quartz Sonoma Wine
Midnight Blue Bonnie Blue Black
Misty Mauve Pink Frosting Rose Mist
Mocha Brown Maple Sugar Tan Brown Iron Oxide
Moroccan Red Fruit Punch Candy Bar Brown
Mudstone Sandstone Hammered Iron
Mulberry Raspberry Mulberry + *Black
Mulberry Raspberry Chocolate Cherry
Mustard Mustard + *White Hammered Iron
Napa Wine Dusty Plum Vintage Wine
Naphthol Crimson Tangerine Black Cherry
Naphthol Red Light Tangerine Black Cherry
Navy Blue Blue Jay Midnight Blue
Nectar Coral Pink Frosting Gypsy Rose
Nightfall Blue Tide Pool Blue Payne's Grey
Normandy Rose Normandy Rose + White Sonoma Wine
Norsk Blue Blue Wisp Blue Spruce
Oasis Green Pale Mint Green Salem Green
Ocean Mist Blue White + Ocean Mist Blue Blue Haze
Ocean Reef Blue Blue Danube Navy Blue
Old Parchment Light Ivory Spice Tan
Olive Yellow Olive Yellow + *White Avocado
Opaque Blue Blue Jay Payne's Grey
Opaque Red Tangerine Black Cherry
Opaque Yellow Pale Yellow Antique Gold
Orange Bittersweet Orange Tomato Spice
Oyster White None Trail Tan
Pale Mint Green White Village Green
Pale Yellow White Butter Yellow
Palomino Tan Old Parchment Spice Tan
Payne's Grey Adriatic Blue Black
Peachy Keen Queen Anne's Lace Desert Sun Orange
Periwinkle Blue Chambray Blue Navy Blue
Persimmon Pink Angel Rouge
Phthalo Blue Blue Jay Midnight Blue
Phthalo Green Light Jade Green Black Green
Pigskin Butter Yellow Burnt Sienna/Autumn Brown
Pine Green Forest Green Black
Pineapple Yellow White Antique Gold
Pink Angel Santa's Flesh Adobe Red
Pink Frosting White Hydrangea Pink
Pink Parfait Hydrangea Deep Coral
Pink Quartz Pink Frosting Black Cherry
Poppy Orange Tangerine Tomato Spice
Pretty Pink *White + Pretty Pink Berry Red
Prussian Blue Salem Blue Payne's Grey
Pumpkin Yellow Georgia Clay
Purple GP Purple Vintage Wine
Purple Dusk Bahama Purple Purple Dusk + *Heritage Blue
Purple Dusk Violet Ice Purple Smoke
Purple Smoke Violet Ice Payne's Grey
Putty White Dresden Flesh/AC Flesh
Quaker Grey White Charcoal
Rain Grey Drizzle Grey Storm Grey
Rainforest Green Cactus Green Blue Spruce
Raspberry Pink Quartz Mulberry
Raw Linen Eggshell White Mudstone
Raw Sienna Antique Gold Brown Iron Oxide
Red Iron Oxide Coral Candy Bar Brown
Rhythm 'n Blue Bahama Purple Purple +
Manganese Blue (1:1)
Rose Cloud Pink Frosting Rose Mist
Rose Mist White + Rose Mist (1:1) Sonoma Wine
Rose Petal Pink White Pink Quartz
Rosetta Pink Santa's Flesh Adobe Red
Rouge Nectar Coral Red Iron Oxide
Royal Fuchsia Lilac Dusk Mulberry
Royal Plum Royal Plum + White (1:1) Royal Plum + Black (1:1)
Sachet Pink Pink Frosting Rose Mist
Salem Blue Blue Mist Blue Haze
Salem Green Cactus Green Woodland Night Green
Sandstone Antique White Lichen Grey
Santa Fe Rose Normandy Rose Cinnamon
Santa's Flesh White Normandy Rose/Pink Angel/Rosetta Pink
Sea Grass Eggshell White +
Sea Grass (1:1)
Olive Yellow +
Alpine Green (1:1)
Seashell White None Wild Rice
Seminole Green Leaf Green Dark Forest Green
Silver Pine Light Sage Rainforest Green
Soft Grey White Drizzle Grey
Sonoma Wine Gypsy Rose Chocolate Cherry
Sonoma Wine Gypsy Rose Sonoma Wine + *Black
Spice Brown Light Chocolate Burnt Umber
Spice Tan Flesh Tan Spice Brown
Spring Green White + Spring Green Phthalo Green
Stonewedge Green Oyster White English Yew Green
Storm Grey Rain Grey Black
Straw Ivory Pigskin/Golden Brown
Sunbright Yellow White Butter Yellow
Sweetheart Blush Fuchsia Candy Bar Brown
Tangerine Yellow Red Iron Oxide
Taupe Taupe + *White Napa Wine
Taupe Seashell White Napa Wine
Terra Cotta Bittersweet Orange Brown Iron Oxide
Territorial Beige Trail Tan Burnt Umber
Tide Pool Blue Lavender Lace Heritage Blue
Timberline Green Light Timberline Green English Yellow Green
Toffee Brown Light Chocolate Brown Iron Oxide
Tomato Spice Fiesta Pink Candy Bar Brown
Tompte Red Hydrangea Pink Black Cherry
Trail Tan Putty Territorial Beige
Tropic Bay Blue Light Sage Emerald Green
Truly Teal Truly Teal + White (1:1) Truly Teal + Black (1:1)
Turquoise White + Turquoise (1:1) Emerald Green
Ultra Blue Blue Mist Navy Blue
Vibrant Green Leaf Green Dark Jungle Green
Village Green Pale Mint Green Green Sea
Vintage Wine Lilac Black
Violet Ice Magnolia White +
Violet Ice (1:1)
Lavender Lace
Walnut Trail Tan Black
Wedgwood Blue Blue Mist Midnight Blue
Wedgwood Green Village Green Forest Green
Western Sunset Putty Mocha Brown
Wild Rice Santa's Flesh Misty Mauve
Wild Rose Pink Quartz Dusty Mauve
Williamsburg Blue Chambray Blue Blueberry
Wisteria Lilac Dusk Napa Wine
Woodland Night Green Jade Green Black Green
Yellow Custard Pigskin

Per manufacturer (Delta Ceramcoat) recommendations.

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