Tole and Decorative Painting
Basic Brush Shapes

Flat Wash/Glaze Brush
Used for varnishing, glazing, basecoating, etc.
Dagger Striper
A flat long brush cut in the shape of a dagger. Used to make long strokes such as for long, thin leaves, ribbons and borders.


Script Liner
A liner but with much longer bristles which form a fine point. Used for fine script or scroll work.


Thin brush that comes to a fine point, but with shorter bristles than the script liner. Also used for script or scroll work.


A flat brush with the bristles cut in an oval shape. Sometimes called 'Cat's Tongue' or 'Oval'.


A short-bristled dense round brush with bristles cut at an angle. Creates texture when used like a stencil brush.


Round Brush
Full bristled round brush with bristles coming to a point. Used for thick to very thin stroke work.


Pointed Round
Full bristled round brush with bristles coming to a fine point. Used for very thin stroke work.


Chisel Blender
Identical to a flat brush but with shorter bristles that come to a chisel edge. Sometimes called a "bright." Used for blending and shading.


Flat Shader
Squared bristles with a chisel edge. Used for shading.


Used for intricate detail work.


Mop Brush
Large, soft-bristled round brush used to even out the edges of floats.

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decorative painting, tole painting

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decorative painting, tole painting



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decorative painting, tole painting

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