Paint Color Conversions - Aleene's to Delta Ceramcoat

Asterisk indicates small amount of paint.
1:1 indicates mix equal parts.

Aleene's Delta Ceramcoat
Antique Gold [Copper + Kim Gold (2:1)]+ *Black
Beige Trail Tan + *White
Black Black
Blush Normandy Rose + *White
Burnt Umber Burnt Umber
Copper Red Copper
Deep Beige Raw Sienna
Deep Blue Prussian Blue
Deep Blush Red Iron Oxide
Deep Fuchsia Grape + *Fuchsia
Deep Green Hunter Green
Deep Khaki Mustard + Burnt Umber
Deep Lavender Navy + *Purple
Deep Mauve Barn Red
Deep Peach Burnt Sienna
Deep Sage Forest Green
Deep Spruce Blue Spruce
Deep Violet Vintage Wine + *Purple
Dusty Beige Light Chocolate
Dusty Blue Liberty Blue
Dusty Blush Santa Fe Rose
Dusty Fuchsia Wisteria + *Dusty Mauve
Dusty Green Leprechaun
Dusty Grey Charcoal
Dusty Khaki Lt. Timberline Green
Dusty Lavender Purple Dusk
Dusty Mauve Dusty Mauve + White
Dusty Peach Bambi + *Rose Cloud
Dusty Sage Wedgwood Green + *Forest Green
Dusty Spruce Rainforest Green
Dusty Violet Lavender
Gold 14K Gold
Holiday Green Green Isle
Holiday Red Bright Red + Tomato Red (1:1)
Ivory Antique White
Light Apricot Island Coral
Light Blue Blue Heaven
Light Fuchsia Pink Quartz + *White
Light Green Light Jade Green + *White
Light Lavender Lavender Lace + *GP Purple
Light Lime Lime Green + White (1:1)
Light Orange Rosetta
Light Pink Nectar
Light Poppy Pink Angel
Light Turquoise Caribbean Blue
Light Violet Lilac + *White
Light Yellow Pale Yellow
Medium Apricot Calypso Orange
Medium Blue Ocean Reef Blue + *White
Medium Fuchsia Fuchsia + *White
Medium Green Spring Green + *White
Medium Grey Drizzle Grey
Medium Lavender Bahama Purple
Medium Lime Lime Green + *White
Medium Orange Tangerine + White (1:1)
Medium Pink Persimmon
Medium Poppy Orange + *White
Medium Turquoise Colonial Blue + *White
Medium Violet GP Purple + *Lilac
Medium Yellow Luscious Lemon
Silver Silver
Soft Beige Dresden Flesh
Soft Blue Tide Pool Blue + White
Soft Blush Rose Cloud + *Santa's Flesh
Soft Fuchsia Dusty Plum + *White
Soft Green Deep River Green + White (1:1)
Soft Grey Bridgeport
Soft Lavender Liberty Blue + *Grape + *White
Soft Mauve Rose Cloud
Soft Peach Normandy Rose
Soft Sage Village Green
Soft Sand Antique White + *Sandstone
Soft Spruce Blue Wisp + *Blue Haze
Soft Violet Lavender + White (1:1)
True Apricot Bittersweet + Luscious Lemon (1:1)
True Blue Ocean Reef Blue
True Fuchsia Royal Fuchsia
True Green Spring Green
True Grey Charcoal + *White
True Lavender Denim Blue + *Ultra Blue
True Lime Lime Green
True Orange Pumpkin
True Poppy Rouge
True Red Fire Red
True Turquoise Colonial Blue
True Violet Purple + *White
True Yellow Crocus
White White
Yellow Ochre Palomino Tan

*Per manufacturer (Delta Ceramcoat) recommendations.




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