Paint Color Conversions - Accent to DecoArt Americana

Accent DecoArt Americana
Addobe Wash Buttermilk
Antique White Sand + White
Apache Red Boysenberry + Crimson Tide
Apricot Stone Peaches 'n Cream + Dusty Rose
April Showers Dove Grey
Avon on the Green Viridian + Deep Teal
Barn Red Red Iron Oxide
Black Green Hauser Dark Green
Blonde Sand + Toffee
Blue Bonnet Country Blue
Bordeaux Black Plum
Burgundy Deep Burgundy
Burgundy Deep Red Violet
Burnt Sienna Light Cinnamon + Dark Chocolate
Burnt Sienna (Blend) Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber Bittersweet Chocolate
Burnt Umber (Blend) Burnt Umber
Cactus Flower Pineapple
Chesapeake Blue Blue Haze
Clear Blue True Blue + White
Cool Neutral Warm Neutral
Coral Blush Coral Rose
Cottage Rose Blush + White
Crimson Primary Red
Dark Flesh Shading Flesh
Deep Forest Green Black Forest Green
Devonshire Cream Moon Yellow
Dijon Gold Marigold
Dioxazine Purple Dioxazine Purple
Eggplant Royal Purple
English Marmalade Pumpkin + Cadmium Orange
Fingerberry Red Rookwood
Forest Green Forest Green
Fuchsia Royal Fuchsia
Golden Harvest Antique Gold
Golden Oxide Antique Gold + Raw Sienna
Green Olive Avocado + Evergreen
Holiday Red Calico Red + Crimson Tide
Indian Sky White + Country Blue
Jo Sonja Red Calico Red
Larkspur Blue Victorian Blue + Salem Blue
Liberty Blue Deep Midnight Blue
Light Cactus Flower Taffy Cream
Light Flesh White + Fleshtone
Light Peaches 'n Cream White + Medium Flesh
Light Roseberry French Mauve
Light Seafoam Green White + Sea Aqua
Light Stoneware Blue White + French Grey Blue
Light Tumbleweed French Vanilla
Light Village Green White + Green Mist
Light Yellow Green White + Hauser Light Green
Marina Blue Desert Turquoise
Medium Flesh Fleshtone
Mellow Yellow Pineapple + Lemon Yellow
Monet Blue Country Blue + Blue Violet
Napthol Red Light Cherry Red
Nevada Turquoise Desert Turquoise + Victorian Blue
New Leaf Bright Green + Yellow Green
Off White White + Cool Neutral
Painted Desert Baby Pink + Spice Tan
Paradise Blue Indian Turquoise
Payne's Grey Payne's Grey
Peaches 'n Cream Medium Flesh
Pine Needle Green Evergreen
Pink Blossom Spice Pink + Fleshtone
Prairie Green Deep Teal
Phthalo Green Viridian
Pueblo Red Crimson Tide
Pure Blue True Blue
Pure Red Berry Red
Pure Yellow Cadmium Yellow
Purple Canyon Pansy Lavender
Raw Sienna Light Cinnamon + Burnt Umber
Raw Umber Soft Black
Razzle Red Napthol Red
Real Black Lamp Black
Rose Blush Spice Pink + Blush
Roseberry Mauve
Royal Blue Blue Violet + Prussian Blue
Sapphire Sapphire
Seafoam Green Sea Aqua
Sedona Clay Burnt Orange
Soft Black Lamp Black
Soft Blue Salem Blue
Soft Grey Neutral Grey
Soft White White Wash
Soldier Blue Uniform Blue + White
Spring Pink Spice Pink + White
Stoneware Blue Williamsburg + White
Sunkiss Yellow Cadmium Yellow
Sunsational Yellow Cadmium Yellow + White
Sweet Chocolate Light Cinnamon + Dark Chocolate
Teal Deep Hauser Dark Green + Deep Teal
Telemark Green Antique Teal
True Green Kelly Green
True Orange Tangerine
True Purple Dioxazine Purple
Tumbleweed Raw Sienna
Ultramarine Blue Primary Blue
Ultramarine Blue Deep True Blue + Victorian Blue
Vermillion Cadmium Orange
Victorian Mauve Cashmere Beige + Mauve
Village Green Green Mist
Warm Neutral Cool Neutral
White Wash White Wash + Desert Sand
White (Real or Titan) Titanium White
Wicker Khaki Tan
Wild Heather Lavender
Wild Hyacinth Orchid
Windsor Blue Midnite Blue
Wineberry Plum + White
Yellow Light Lemon Yellow
Yellow Ochre True Ochre

Accent Crown Jewels DecoArt Dazzling Metallics
Baroque Pearl White Pearl
Coronation Russet Royal Ruby Metallic
Crown Red Velvet Royal Ruby + Dioxazine Purple
Duchess Rose Rose Pearl
Empress Blue Ice Blue Metallic
Faberge Purple Purple Pearl
Imperial Antique Gold Venetian Gold Metallic
King's Gold Glorious Gold Metallic
Princely Pewter Black Pearl
Queen's Emerald Crystal Green
Regency Silver Shimmering Silver
Royal Copper Bronze
Tiara Ruby Rose Pearl + Brilliant Red

*Per manufacturer (DecoArt Americana) recommendations.




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