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Paints - Delta Ceramcoat
Black 2506
Ivory 2036
Maple Sugar 2062
Old Parchment 2092
Spice Brown 2049
Spice Tan 2063
White 2505
Bright Yellow 2027
Orange 2026
Cape Cod Blue 2133
Naphthol Crimson 2408
Nightfall Blue 2131
Chambray Blue 2514

Flat scruffy brushes
   (several sizes)
#10 Flat
#8 Flat
#2 Flat
#1 Liner

free tole decorative painting patterns

Wooden photo album (size 4-5/8 x 6-1/4) available at most craft supply stores. (I picked this one up at Wal-Mart for a couple of bucks)
Wood Sealer
Extender Medium
Satin-finish varnish
Tack cloth


Right-click (or click and hold for Mac users) on the line drawing at the bottom of this page and save it to your hard drive. Open the image in any browser or graphics program and print. This should print out the correct size for the above photo album. If using a different sized album, either resize the image to desirable dimension in your graphics program and then print, or use the reduce/enlarge function on a copy machine. Repeat the same procedure for the image of the finished photo album. Click here to print the text instructions.

Sand with the grain on both sides of each cover of the photo album with 100 grit sandpaper. Remove dust with a tack cloth and apply wood sealer. Sand again and remove dust with the tack cloth.

Basecoat the front cover with Chambray Blue and then add the Nightfall Blue border. Basecoat the back of the front cover and both sides of the back cover with Nightfall Blue. Trace outline only of the bear and butterfly onto the front cover. Details will be added later.

For filling in, shading and highlighting the larger areas, use #10 and #8 flat brushes. Basecoat small areas with #4 and #2 flat brushes. For details (such as in the butterfly) use #1 liner. The fur is stippled with several sizes of old, scruffy flat brushes, using a VERY LIGHT TOUCH.

Basecoat the bear with Spice Tan and the butterfly with Black. Transfer remaining details of pattern (eyes, nose and butterfly details). Paint the bear's nose and eye with Black.

Side load a #8 flat brush with Spice Brown and shade around features where shown on the pattern. Moisten a #8 flat brush with extender medium and load one corner with Spice Brown. Blend until you have a transparent color.

With a scruffy flat brush (any size that fits the area) lightly stipple the entire bear with a 1:1 mix of Spice Tan and Maple Sugar.

Add five additional layers of stippling to the fur in the following order:

1. Maple Sugar
2. Maple Sugar + Old Parchment 1:1
3. Old Parchment
4. Old Parchment + Ivory 1:1
5. Ivory

With each layer, stipple LIGHTLY and allow some of the previous color to show through. Start at the outside edges and ease the color toward the center of the design area (tail, paw, ears, etc.) By keeping the color lightest around the edges, the bear will take on a more three dimensional appearance.

Once you're content with the stippling effect, reinforce all of the face, paw, arm, leg and tail shading with a #8 brush side loaded with Spice Brown, as you did before. A little shading goes a long way here.

Touch up the eyes with Black and add white accents as shown on the pattern using a stylus for the dot in the eye and a liner brush for the reflection on the nose. Dampen the cheeks lightly and, with a dry #2 flat scruffy brush, apply a tiny amount of Naphthol Crimson and blend and soften the color until transparent, giving the cheeks just a slightly rosy glow.

Paint the white stripes on the butterfly's wings and add the black lines with a liner brush. Basecoat the dots on the wings with Naphthol Crimson. Then paint HALF of each dot with Orange. Add a small crescent of Bright Yellow. Paint the blue lines with Cape Cod using a #1 liner. Spray with two coats of satin-finish spray varnish, allowing ample drying time between coats. Reassemble the photo album with a pretty blue ribbon.


 free decorative painting patterns

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free tole decorative painting patterns


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free tole painting patterns teddy bears

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free tole painting patterns teddy bears

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