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What This Board Is About
If you're looking for a place where you can freely discuss all aspects of tole and decorative painting, then you've come to the right place.

The Tole Expressions Discussion Board is a friendly, unmoderated forum for conversation about tole and decorative painting. It's a place for decorative painters to exchange ideas and information. In order to participate, you must log on with a valid email address.

Feel free to reply to messages that others have posted or start your own topics: someone is sure to answer. Discuss anything and everything related to decorative painting - techniques, products, tips and tricks, styles, designing, marketing and selling, teaching.

Who's welcome?
EVERYONE, from those of you who have never picked up a paintbrush, but would like to, to those of you who've been painting and teaching for years.

How to Participate
To leave messages, you will need to subscribe to the Board using a valid email address. You will automatically receive a verification code by email: once you have verified your address, you will have full privileges on the site.

The Board software is very user-friendly. When you get in, you'll see the current topics and the number of messages in each thread. Click the topic you wish to read or respond to, and you're on your way.

Copyrights and Privacy
Please do not copy and paste messages from the board to mailing lists, other websites, UseNet boards, or anyplace else, on-line or in print media. If you would like permission to use something from the board to stimulate discussion elsewhere, write to Tole Expressions, and to each person in the thread for their written permission. The copyright for messages on the Board belong to the writers and to

The discussion board is FREE. You may read it at your leisure, bookmark it and contribute as much as you like. You may also invite your friends to participate. My goal is to make it a warm and welcoming place for all those who sincerely want to exchange reliable information about tole and decorative painting.

I look forward to meeting you on the Board!



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decorative painting discussion, tole painting forums, chat, advice


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