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Order Drawing and Painting Animals : How to Capture the Essence of Wildlife Art
Drawing and Painting Animals: How to Capture the Essence of Wildlife Art by Edward Aldrich, Bonnie Iris. Hardcover, 160 pages. Drawing and Painting Animals takes the reader step by step through the entire process of creating wildlife art that not only accurately depicts the subject, but captures the personality and spirit of the animal as well. This book, written by well-known wildlife artist Edward Aldrich, offers you an in-depth explanation of a broad range of materials and techniques necessary to depicting wildlife, as well as clear lessons on how to develop your own unique approach.


Order Best of
Wildlife Art 2


Best of Wildlife Art 2 by Rachel Rubin Wolf. Hardcover, 144 pages. This breathtaking collection features the work of 86 artists who have looked in awe upon the untamed beauty of nature and preserved it in deft sweeps of oil, watercolor and a host of other mediums. Look inside to see masterful renderings of animals painted against some of the world's most magnificent environments. With each painting, you'll find commentary from the artist on the inspiration, field research and techniques behind its creation.


Order Painting Animals


Painting Animals by Andy Jones. Paperback, 112 pages. Cows, pigs, bunnies, frogs, cats, dogs, elephants, horses, chickens, fish, and more romp, fly, and swim through this extensive teaching guide to animal motifs found in traditional and contemporary designs. This lucid instructional book begins with the basics of brush techniques, materials, surface preparation, and pattern transfers, and offers step-by-step demonstrations that even novices can follow with ease.


Order Drawing and Painting
Animals (First Steps Series, Cincinnati, Ohio).
Drawing and Painting Animals (First Steps Series, Cincinnati, Ohio) by Bill Tilton. Paperback, 128 pages.






Order How to Draw and
Paint Animals in Pencil,
Charcoal, Line and Watercolour
How to Draw and Paint Animals in Pencil, Charcoal, Line and Watercolour by Linda Birch.
Hardcover, 128 pages.






Order Painting Pets
On Rocks
Painting Pets on Rocks by Lin Wellford.
Paperback, 128 pages.
Available August 2000. The long awaited sequel to Lin's four other popular rock painting books. Written for every skill level and includes instructions for tropical fish, parrots, guinea pigs and various cats and dogs, including tips on how to paint your own pet on a rock. Don't miss this one!



Order Watercolor Basics:
Drawing and Painting Birds
Watercolor Basics: Drawing and Painting Birds
by Shirley Porter
. Paperback, 128 pages.


Order Artist's Handbook Series Painting Birds and Animals


Artist's Handbook Series Painting Birds and Animals by Patricia Monahan.
Hardcover, 176 pages. To be published in October 1999.


Order More Wildlife Painting:
Techniques of Modern Masters
by Susan Rayfield


More Wildlife Painting:  Techniques of Modern Masters by Susan Rayfield.
Paperback, 144 pages. Published April 2000. From antelopes to zebras, ten gifted wildlife artists reveal their carefully developed techniques for achieving remarkably realistic animal art. Emphasizing all-important details of rendering wildlife, the book devotes separate sections to animals' eyes, whiskers, beaks, fur, and so on. Sketches, studies, and reference photos used by master painters show just how their bird and animal portraits evolved into magnificent finished works in watercolor, gouache, oil, pastel, or other mediums.


Order Painting the
Secret World of Nature


Painting the Secret World of Nature
by John Agnew. Hardcover, 144 pages.
NEW! for July 2001. To encounter John Agnew's work is to gaze at the mysterious and enchanting world of a forest floor, mountainous cliffs and crags, the heights of a rain forest or the surface of a hidden pond. In this book, Agnew shares his secrets about how to create those special atmospheres by controlling the light, color, textures, point of view and design of his paintings. The book is filled with mini-demonstrations showing readers exactly how to capture this beauty in their own work, regardless of the medium they work in. They'll find guidelines for rendering leaves, mud, snow, fur, feathers and more, plus one full demonstration that puts these animal and environment textures together in a single painting.

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