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Order The Art of
Pastel Portraiture

The Art of Pastel Portraiture
by Madlyn-Ann C. Woolwich. Paperback, 144 pages. Noted pastelist Madlyn-Ann Woolwich calls on a group of outstanding artists to demonstrate the important elements that go into creating successful portraits in pastel. Luminous portraits throughout the book demonstrate an amazing range of styles, techniques, and approaches. 292 full-color illustrations.


Order Pastel for the Serious Beginner

Pastel for the Serious Beginner
by Larry Blovitz. Paperback, 144 pages. You will learn how to blend hard and soft pastels into radiant gradations of opaque and transparent colors; bring contrasts of bright light and dramatic shadows to your paintings; build basic shapes into realistic, three-dimensional forms; handle perspective and create the illusion of depth and space; and design animated, balanced compositions with eye-catching focal points.


Order Pastel School: A
Practical Guide to
Drawing With Pastels


Pastel School : A Practical Guide to Drawing With Pastels (Reader's Digest Learn-As-You-Go Guide)
by Hazel Harrison. Paperback, 176 pages. Providing a thorough introduction to working with pastels, a guide details the special properties of the medium, the various types of available pastels, the techniques of working with the medium, and simple exercises for exploring texture, color, and technique. 20,000 first printing.


Order Painting Expressive
Pastel Portraits


Painting Expressive Pastel Portraits
by Paul Leveille. Hardcover, 128 pages.


Order Learning to
Paint in Pastel


Learning to Paint in Pastel (Barron's Art Guides)
Paperback, 64 pages. Step-by-step illustrations show students and hobbyists how to achieve desired effects by direct application, brushwork, and rubbing the paper surface with various materials such as cloth and cotton wool. Additional advice includes color mixing and matching, and the effective use of pastels in various genres. Color photos.


Order Master Strokes:
A Step-By-Step Guide
to Using the Techniques of
the Masters for Pastels


Master Strokes : A Step-By-Step Guide to Using the Techniques of the Masters for Pastels
by Hazel Harrison. Hardcover, 96 pages.


Order The Best of Pastel 2


The Best of Pastel 2
by Kristina Feliciano. Hardcover, 144 pages. This second edition of "The Best of Pastel " continues to honor the best artists from around the world working in pastels. Selected from hundreds of entries, the 130 images presented in these pages represent the most talented artists and their works in a wide array of styles, techniques, and subjects, including landscapes, portraits, still-lifes, and abstracts.


Order Capturing the
Light in Pastel


Capturing the Light in Pastel
by Lionel Aggett. Paperback, 128 pages.


Order The Best of Pastel


The Best of Pastel
by Constance Flavell Pratt. Hardcover, 144 pages. The Best of Pastels is a wonderful collection of more than two hundred works of art created by masters in the medium of pastel. Juried by award-winning pastel artists Constance Flavell Pratt and Janet Monafo, with an introduction by Flora B. Giffuni, founder of the Pastel Society of America, this is an essential volume for all who are fascinated by the beautiful medium of pastel.


Order DK Art School:
An Introduction To Pastels


DK Art School: Introduction To Pastels, An
by Michael Wright. Paperback, 72 pages. The DK Art School series provides all the fundamental techniques both adult and juvenile artists need. At the heart of each book are twelve projects that explore the methods of the great masters. Each specially commissioned painting is broken down in step-by-step color photos that show every stage of its creation. Lists of materials, subjects, and techniques complete each volume. 300 color photos.


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