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Order Decorative Painting on
Glass, Ceramics and Metal


Decorative Painting on Glass, Ceramics and Metal by Judy Balchin. Paperback, 64 pages.
The in thing to do in do-it-yourself home decor. Paint on glasses from the kitchen cabinet, dishes, metal containers. Recereate your home environment with a few tools. Instructions along with a beautiful gallery of ideas and how-to's.     


Order Ceramic Painting
Made Easy


Ceramic Painting Made Easy
by Emily Bolam, Susan Penny, Martin Penny.
Hardcover, 64 pages.


Order Easy
Airbrush Projects


Easy Airbrush Projects for Crafters and Decorative Painters
by Lindy Brown.
Paperback, 128 pages. airbrush painting


Order Tole-Painted
Outdoor Projects
by Areta Bingham


Tole-Painted Outdoor Projects
by Areta Bingham. Hardcover, 144 pages.
NEW!  Published August 2000.  With all this creativity and practical help, you'll soon have your outdoor space filled with painted tables, vases, stepping stones, and other stunning items. And, special projects like a pretty violet and ivy table will beautify any patio, as will a lovely layered-flowers chair. Color worksheets and detailed patterns help decorate an urn fountain with big blossoms, adorn a planter with hibiscus, and take a shine to a bright hydrangeas silver birdhouse. 19 terrific ideas in all! A Main Selection of BOMC's Crafters Book Club & F&W's Book Clubs. painting outdoor projects


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