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Order The Complete
Book of Floorcloths
by Kathy Cooper

The Complete Book of Floorcloths: Designs and Techniques for Painting Great-Looking Canvas Rugs
by Kathy Cooper
Hardcover, 144 pages.
The Complete Book of Floorcloths


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Painting Floorcloths by Plaid
Paperback, 128 pages.
Express yourself using exciting painting techniques like stamping and dcoupage to make fabulous floorcloths. They're a terrific alternative to a rug and can tie together a decorative scheme or provide the ultimate finishing touch to a room. Produce splendid designs in a rainbow of colors: replicate the appearance of bricks or marble, paint a jolly Santa Claus and celebrate the holidays in festive style, or come up with your own vision of a pond brimming with creatures and capture it in acrylics. Stencil glorious flowers that remind you of the pleasures of gardening, or a fun children's design such as big, bright balloons floating among fluffy clouds. Or get the kids involved and let them "handprint" a motif to jazz up their bedroom. Plus information on preparation, planning a layout, hemming, varnishing, and finishing a floorcloth.
Painting Floorcloths books


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by Kathy Cooper


Painting Floorcloths: 20 Canvas Rugs to Stamp, Stencil, Sponge and Spatter in a Weekend
by Kathy Cooper
Paperback, 80 pages.
Filled with instructions for making colorful floor coverings by painting canvas, this guide to a popular craft walks readers through twenty separate projects.
painting floorcloths


Order Fabulous
by Carolyn O'Neill Kuchinsky


Fabulous Floorcloths: Create Contemporary Floor Coverings from an Old World Art
by Caroline O'Neill Kuchinsky
Paperback, 124 pages. Created from heavy canvas and adorned with paint, stencils, stamps, paper decoupage, or fabric appliqué, a floorcloth can be a simple accent or a work of art. Consult this book for excellent directions on materials, preparation, finishing, and an array of decorative techniques. The 15 step-by-step projects are divided into simple, intermediate, and advanced, so you can jump in at whatever skill level feels comfortable. Fabulous Floorcloths


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