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Order Delacroix
by Barthelmy Jobert, Eugene Delacroix, Terry Grabar, Bonfante-wa. Hardcover, 336 pages. Responding to resurgent interest in 19th-century French painting, with its rich connections to revolutionary politics, exoticism, romance, and nationalism, Barthelemy Jobert offers this long-awaited, comprehensive book on one of the period's greatest and most elusive artists. Delacroix's large canvases, decorative cycles, watercolors, and engravings, which are widely dispersed throughout the world, are beautifully represented here in 231 color plates.



by Robert Gordon, Andrew Forge, Richard Howard. Hardcover, 288 pages. The authors of Abrams' highly successful Monet and The Last Flowers of Manet have made the definitive book on the French Impressionist Edgar Degas. 324 illustrations, 121 in full color. 2 gatefolds. 10-1/4" x 12-3/4".


Order Durer's Record
of Journeys to Venice
and the Low Countries


Durer's Record of Journeys to Venice and the Low Countries
by Albrecht Durer, Roger Fry. Paperback, 116 pages.


Order El Greco
(Masters of Art)


El Greco (Masters of Art) by Leo Bronstein. Hardcover, 128 pages.


Order Francisco Goya Y Lucientes : 1746-1828


Francisco Goya Y Lucientes : 1746-1828
by Janis Tomlinson. Paperback, 320 pages. This paperback edition of the award-winning study of the life and work of Goya is filled with the same fine reproductions as the original 1994 hardcover. Goya was one of Spain's greatest and most controversial painters, famous for incisive portraits and the "black" paintings of his later years. Scholars have often attributed Goya's progression from producing light-hearted court paintings to creating somber images of the Napoleonic wars to the artist's serious illness of 1792, which left him deaf. Writer Janis Tomlinson's aim here is to show a continuity in his work before and after the illness. She sees in Goya's vast output--at least 1,800 works--a vital drive to explore and exploit his personal creativity, which was strengthened by the deafness that cut him off from all but visual communication with the world.


Order Winslow Homer


Winslow Homer by Nicolai Cikovsky, Franklin Kelly, Winslow Homer. Hardcover. This catalogue for the first major retrospective of Winslow Homer's works examines the immensity of Homer's artistic accomplishments, focusing not only on his masterpieces in various media, but also on the suites of works on the same subject that reflect the artist's essentially modern practice of thinking and working serially and thematically. 485 illustrations, including 260 color plates.


Order Edward Hopper:
The Art and the Artist


Edward Hopper : The Art and the Artist
by Gail Levin. Paperback, 304 pages. This sumptuous book presents the full range of Edward Hopper's work and offers greater access to Hopper, the man, than any other single volume. This book goes beyond the standard evaluations of the man and his work to reveal a complex man, introspective and intellectual yet romantic, and to illuminate the many levels of meaning in the paintings of his maturity. 280 full-color and over 150 black-and-white illustrations.


Order Paul Klee: Painting
Music (Pegasus Library)


Paul Klee : Painting Music (Pegasus Library)
by Hajo Duchting. Hardcover, 128 pages. Painting Music describes and illustrates how, from his earliest work as both painter and musician, Klee focused his efforts on combining these two related art forms. This book represents the first major attempt to focus on the fascinating bond between music and painting in Klee's work, particularly at the Bauhaus, where his theories and practice first merged, and where he was to develop his Colour Spectrum, Square, and Polyphone painting series.


Order Three Worlds of Michelangelo


Three Worlds of Michelangelo by James H. Beck, Michelangelo Buonarotti. Hardcover, 296 pages. Rich in unusual details, such as an unprecedented account of the sculpting of "David", this book offers an incisive study of the shaping influences of Michelangelo's creative and personal life.


Order Diego Rivera: A Retrospective


Diego Rivera : A Retrospective by Cynthia Newman Helms, Linda Downs, Samuel Sachs. Hardcover, 372 pages. This volume illustrates Rivera's life and work from his early years at the Mexican Academy of San Carlos and studies in Spain; his subsequent eleven-year sojourn in Paris in the first part of this century; to his efforts to establish a truly national Mexican style in the murals for which he is most famous. Accompanying Rivera's work are essays by noted scholars reevaluating his place in the history of modern art.

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